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Fitting & Installation Of The Ghost Immobiliser

Ghost Immobiliser

ghost immobiliser available for installation at autotechnik

With professional installation required, the ghost immobiliser can be installed by one of our experienced engineers, with the service available at our garage. With no key-fobs needed or LED indications, it does not give itself away. With technology allowing car users to start a car without inserting a key fob, many people will see this as a benefit and solution to the lost keys problem, it also prevents any chance of key-cloning and hacking. Whilst using buttons in your vehicle such as door panels or on your steering wheel, the ghost immobiliser will allow you to create a unique changeable pin code to prevent theft of your vehicle. The ghost immobiliser method has been both programmed and tested covering a wide range of vehicle manufactures. Many latest versions of the ghost benefits from various encrypted Bluetooth systems carried out through smart phone apps. With completive prices, our installation system is accessible from just £399 inc VAT. Contact us here or Phone for more information or to arrange installation.


  • Safer installation with no wire cuttings
  • PIN code can be accessed from your steering wheel
  • By using diagnostics your vehicle will be undetectable
  • No additional fobs
  • Bypassing cannot be used by standard theft methods
  • Unique PIN code which is available to change
  • Communication through using a ECU


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