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Why choose Autotechnik to perform your Audi Repairs?

Audi Repairs and Audi Diagnostic Specialists, Stourbridge

Audi Specialist repairs

Audi's are one of VW groups executive car brands and with that comes the inevitable maintenance repair and monitoring that is associated with owning a highly dependant electrical piece of equipment.  

Motor cars are no longer put together with a 1/2 inch spanner and then able to be rebuilt by a competent mechanic in there own home garage.

Audi repairs rely heavily on the electronic diagnostic data that is stored on the main CPU integrated within any modern car today.  This diagnostic equipment is only able to be reliably read by an approved Audi Garage.

The first thing to do when you suspect a repair is required to your Audi is to go to a trusted and recommended local garage.  They will then go to your Audi, plug the diagnostic reader into the cars control port and plugin there diagnostic equipment.  This will then download any vehicle faults or errors that have been logged by the car and give the relevant codes to your Audi Mechanic.

A trusted Audi mechanic will always perform these checks even if it is an obvious fault like a blown exhaust that brings you to the garage in the first instance.  Modern cars are very dependant on a series of parts performing to there optimum to run and perform as we now expect them too. So if you ask your local Audi specialist to put some new brakes on and he starts by plugging in a diagnostics machine don't be discouraged, be thankful that your car is in safe hands.

After your Mechanic has deciphered the relevant codes, tested your faulty equipment, repaired or replaced the appropriate Audi approved parts, completed all the remaining repair works required, they will plug in the diagnostic tool to your Audi, re run the verification tool to confirm all faults have been cleared.

Only a specialist Audi Garage will be able to complete all of these tasks competently and appropriately. Ensure your Audi is roadworthy and remains in it's showroom operating conditions by using Autotechnik.

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