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VAG Repairs and Maintenance for your Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagon In Cradley Heath, Stourbridge and Dudley

VAG Car Repair Garage

Autotechnik have specialist experience in Repairing all VAG cars.  With extensive knowledge of Audi Repairs, VW Fault Diagnosis and Seat Maintenance along with Skoda Replacement Parts Autotechnik Have been trading in Cradley Heath Since 1995 we welcome local and repeat customers and have done so since starting our family run business.  We are able to take your VAG car, run approved diagnostic checks on it and supply you with a real timeline and price structure to repair your Cars Fault.

Skoda Repair

There are common faults that happen with all cars so if your Skoda has experienced a split rubber hose on the turbo. Then we know the fix! We will replace the split rubber hose with a steel pipe.  If your DSG gearbox isn't pulling away properly then we are able to upgrade the software to prevent this from happening.

Audi Faults

If you are driving round in an Audi then you will prob be aware of the reported high Oil consumption these models can incur, as long as you keep on top of that and the cambelt your engine should last for ages, As with all modern cars Audi Faults are normally based around electrics, this has been recognised as, the most common problem reported, electrical components and the switches. Unfortunately, this is not limited to one specific issue. Electrical components that require replacing have been often recognised as power window, trip display, and brake light issues. As with all repair jobs if you repair these issues as soon as they develop, the problem will get resolved and develop into a larger one.

Common Seat Repairs

With Seat Repairs they are pretty rare, unfortunately the manufacturers at VAG used the same designs as a Golf when they manufactured this car so inherently it suffers from the same vanes sticking on the turbo! after 50,000 miles if you notice a loss in performance then this is probably why, do't worry though it is repairable and Autotechnik will do this at a proportion of the price a VAG garage could!  There are a few minor leak issues that also come with the Seat but again very repairable so come in and see us if this is the issue on your car.

Volkswagen Maintenance Service

Volkswagen are far the most popular car bought by people not wanting to pay for maintenance on there car. And why not! your car is to get you from a-b with the least amount of concern and cost - sometimes with the most style, performance and comfort added to the mix, Volkswagen supply this in bucket loads.  Generally speaking the most common repairs with a Volkswagen are those of wear and tear.  a few electrical faults generated by long term use, other than that ECU problems can occur which Autotechnik can resolve with there onsite, Custom Code equipment

VAG Repairs

•  We'll match any like for like written quotes within a 5 mile radius.

•  We'll fit exterior bulb and wipers free of charge, charging solely on the parts only.

•  We use original equipment parts and only the best quality oil, direct from VAG

•  We offer time and distance services based on 10,000 miles or 1 year on Audi, Seat, Skoda & VW long life service regime which offers you the flexibility of being able to drive up to 18,000 miles or 2 years, whichever occurs first.

•  All our services come with comprehensive service sheet and a computer scan from our state of the art diagnostic machine VAS 5052.

•  We take the hassle out of servicing your Audi, Seat, Skoda & VW. Our fully trained staff will try to help you as much as possible.

•  Courtesy cars are available free of charge.

To make a booking please contact our service department on 0121-561-5781 or send us an email by visiting our Contact Page